Rental Application

LANDLORDS: Click here to order a TenantAlert Direct tenant screening package. Enter a few details about your prospective tenant. After the prospective tenant has completed the application and authorized you to view their report you will immediately be notified that the complete screening report is available for your viewing.

TENANTS: Click here to contact a Huff Realty Rental representative or call 513-827-7368 for assistance.

Fair Housing Protections

Fair Housing refers to federal laws and regulations that prohibit discrimination and unfair treatment in any activity related to the sale or rental of housing. Additionally Fair Housing accounts for equal opportunities for financing or other related transactions and in the provision of housing-related services.

Passed in 1968, the Federal Fair Housing Act establishes the right for a person to choose where they live and to live there with dignity and without discrimination. The Fair Housing Act ensures the accessibility of all forms of available housing to all people regardless of certain racial, cultural or physical factors.

For more information contact HOME Housing Opportunities Made Equal.